How do you business in Mexico?
In the following year, Mexico will experience a better actual exchange performance than many of the countries it competes with in international markers. For example,  the expected behavior that actual exchange rates in many countries will have before the dollar or the euro.
The Mexico´s actual exchange rate will remain virtually balanced before the US and German markers (as an example of the euro) between 2008 and 2012.
In contrast, Asian countries such as China, Korea, India, Japan (as well South Africa) will experience strong actual exchange appreciations. This will lead to relative decrease in the prices of goods exported from Mexico to North American and European markets, compared to its Asian competitors.
This mean new business opportunities in the short and medium terms for business that want to increase their profitability or better position their products in international markets. MEXICO is a great choise as an operation and exporting base.
You can do business in Mexico, is easy!, Yes, we help make it happen!

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