[display_podcast] Dear investor, do you want to take advantage of some of the great benefits offered by Mexico?
Counseling and Consulting Services, SC, offers the following products:


1.- Professional Key-in-hand Kit, (Register at SAT, bank account and billing for an individual).
Cost 400 Dollars.

2.- Business Key-in-hand Kit (Constitution of SA society, SLR, etc. Register at SAT, bank account, billing). Cost 1,000 Dollars.


Key-in hand service, to open a society in Mexico

Do you want to have a company in Mexico and you do not know how?

Counseling and Consulting Services, S. C., offers its «Key-in hand» taking the right steps to create a company in Mexico, also, it covers the legal requirements for the opening of a company in Mexico.

All of these questions are related to:

– How can a company in Mexico be built?

– How to incorporate a company in Mexico?

– How to create a company in Mexico? …Etc.


If you come with us, we will deliver the right key in your hands. A Key that fulfills your needs.

If you want to extend your business, México has a huge potential market, just waiting for you.


Would you like to know what to invest in Mexico? And How to invest in Mexico?

We offer our services of market research, for you to come to our country, with the assurance that your investment will be applied properly.

We will lead you on how to get a Mexican company, legally established, where you also get your articles of incorporation registered in the Ministry of Finance, through the service tax authorities in our country, processing of your electronic billing, bank accounts to avoid have setbacks and start to bill your customers.

We also offer our custom virtual office services, so do not waste time looking for offices, contracting water services, electricity, telephone, internet, secretaries, etc., we offer the following:

-A personal phone line on which you are transferring your calls to where you indicate: (cell phone, Nextel, office or home).

– Messages will be sent to you, via email and you will receive them in no more than five minutes (example: 200 and 200 output and input messages)

– A voice mailbox (configuration and recovery of your messages 24 hours. The 365 days of the year). A fax number with unlimited entries and exits, with continuous reception.

– The service is fully customized and programmed according to your instructions, ie operators respond the way you indicate.

– Bilingual staff to care for your company with international operations, if any of your customers wants to give you an urgent message outside office hours; it can be done through voice mail so that you can listen to it from anywhere.

As you can see, we offer you a comprehensive and customized service according to your needs.

Do not waste any more time, come with us to do business, to a high and growth potential market!

If you need more information, AySCo is YOUR RIGHT OPTION. Ask about our plans BY CONTACTING US. JUST CLICK HERE.


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